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Magilight: An All-in-One Light Painting Stick for ‘Painting’ Real Images


The Fotorgear Magilight is a new all-in-one light painting stick that aims to be “the easiest and most professional tool to improve your light painting photography.” Incredibly, the project blew past its $30,000 funding goal on IndieGoGo within just 2 hours of launching on the website.

Now backed by over 800 individuals who have pledged $150,000 in funding so far, the Magilight looks like it will be a popular addition to the light painting photography market.

Magilight is designed for and by photographers and has adjustable handles and a 360-degree spinning barrel. There’s a hole in the top to hold sparklers, allowing for additional creative effects. With a handy tripod hole, the Magilight is compatible with drones and other “diverse accessories.”

The Magilight features a titanium alloy shell and weighs around 1 kg (2.2 lbs). It’s splash proof and compact and portable at 1 meter (3.3 feet) long.

There is also a Mini LED Bar accessory to go along with the Magilight that features 33 LED bulbs — it’s ideal for creating light trails.

The Magilight itself features 144 high-resolution RGB LEDs and is capable of reproducing any image you wish. Just put your images on a memory card and insert it into the stick. Wave Magilight in front of a camera capturing a long exposure and your image will appear in the resulting photo.

The device’s “Blink” mode allows for creative “flash lighting” effects, and you are able to control the frequency and brightness as you see fit.

You can also control the brightness, warmth, and RGB values of any images you choose to use. This is helpful when you may use Magilight as a light source for your subject, rather than to feature directly in the shot.

Here are some more examples of what Magilight can help you create:

Here’s an overview of the product, allowing you to see it in action:

Magilight is available to early adopters through a $180 pledge over at IndieGoGo. If the project is successful at accomplishing its goals and promises, it will ship in April 2018 at a retail price of $400. By comparison, the existing pixelstick light painting stick costs $349.