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Sony Launches Imaging Edge Software Suite: Remote, Viewer, and Edit


Sony has just announced its Imaging Edge software suite. The suite comes with three key pieces of software: ‘Remote’, ‘Viewer’, and ‘Edit’. Sony say it will speed up workflow and allow users to “unleash the full potential” of the Pixel Shift technology in the new a7R III.

Viewer provides a cataloging system that allows you to search and filter images by ratings.

Edit allows you to to process raw files by adjusting brightness and color, apply Creative Styles, crop, and straighten. You can also then export the edited raw to JPEG or TIFF formats.

The Remote application allows for live tethered shooting. You can adjust the camera’s settings on your computer and display the Live View output on the screen. This means you can “shoot images seamlessly while adjusting the shooting settings.”

Photographer Brian Smith reports that it allows for easy composition adjustments thanks to grid overlays, as well as Aria focus and zoom displays helping with precision focusing.

It also supports Pixel Shift Multi Shooting, allowing you to produce higher resolution images by combining four pixel-shifted frames into a single higher-resolution image.

You can download the new Imaging Edge software suite for free from the Sony website.