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3 Ways to Add High Quality Film Grain Using Photoshop


Here’s a 10-minute video tutorial by PiXimperfect that teaches how to add artificial film grain to your photos. Learn three ways to give your digital photos a film look.

The first is the more complicated of the bunch. First things first, don’t use the standard “Noise > Add Noise” filter that Photoshop provides. This is “the worst way to add noise,” says PiXimperfect.

Instead, you’ll be wanting a way to add your film grain with more options than just one intensity slider.

Start by creating a new layer, set it to Overlay mode and ensure to check “Fill with Overlay Neutral Color.” Make sure to make this a smart layer too, as you’re then able to change your adjustments later on.

This method utilizes, surprisingly, the “Blur Gallery” filters. But that’s because hidden inside the blur options is a plethora of noise adjustment sliders.

Watch the full video above to learn how to properly use these sliders to create convincing film grain, as well as some other easier (and faster) ways you can do it if you’re stuck for time.