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How to Photograph Bugs on a White Background in the Field


In this 9-minute video by photographer Phil Torres of The Jungle Diaries, learn how to photograph bugs and other insects on a white background while out on location.

By using a diffused twin flash, and some white acrylic for the star of the show to crawl around on, the flashes overexpose the background and give a true white backdrop to your shot.

Be careful not to get your beetle too dirty, or the stage, as artifacts will show up in high-resolution macro images. Try using an aperture of f/11 to keep things sharp, but always aim to focus on the eyes.

Here are some examples of what you can capture:

To be honest, though, the entire video is worth watching just for the moment he snatches a bug out the air with cat-like reflexes.

You can find more of Torres’ work and videos on his website, journal, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.