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Watch the ‘La La Land’ Camera Man Create Perfect Whip Pans In-Camera


This is some seriously impressive camera work! Take a peek behind the scenes of Oscar-nominated film ‘La La Land,’ and see how one of the camera men was able to swing a massive camera around like a toy to create perfect in-camera whip pans.

A whip pan is where the camera pans from one subject to another very quickly, leaving only a streaky blur in between. And while you CAN do this in-camera, they’re often faked, making a whip cut seem like a whip pan.

Well, not in ‘La La Land.’

As you can see from the video and GIF above, the camera man physically ‘whipped’ his cinema camera around on its tripod, perfectly framing Emma Stone and her co-star Ryan Gosling one at a time as another crew member cued him with shoulder taps. Impressive to say the least!

Check out the full video for yourself up top.