Photo Pod is a Personal Tent That Keeps Photographers Dry and Warm

Need something more than a wearable umbrella for your outdoor photography in bad weather? Check out the Photo Pod. It’s a tiny personal tent for photographers that’s tall enough to stand up in.

The product was created by inventor Rick Pescovitz, who originally created the Original Pod through his company Under the Weather. The Original Pod, which is designed for sitting outdoors (and great for photographers as well), just received $600,000 in funding after an appearance on the TV show Shark Tank.

The Cincinnati-based company did $2 million in sales and earned $1 million in profit last year, according to USA TODAY.

Like the Original Pods, the new Photo Pods are durable and built of steel wire, weather-resistant polyester, and cold-treated clear PVC.

It measures 6-foot-6-inches tall (~2m), allowing even tall photographers to stand and shoot while protected within. Each of the 3 viewing sides features a zippered slit that you can stick your camera through.

“Every photographer should own one of these personal sport tents,” Under the Weather says, “especially since they pop-up when you’re in a hurry!”

When it’s not set up, the Photo Pod is also lightweight and portable, weighing just 10 pounds and collapsing into a disc measuring just 2 feet in diameter. It can be popped up and taken down in just seconds.

Other features include a fully enclosed design with zippers that can be accessed from both the inside and outside, 3 transparent sides for 270-degree viewing, body heat warming of up to 30-degrees, and UPF 50 sun protection.

Here are some photos of photographers utilizing other Pod models for protection while shooting outdoors:

You can purchase a Photo Pod in white or black for $200 from the Under the Weather website.