Paying Tribute to the Women Behind the Lens and the Stories They Tell

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women everywhere. So, we’d like to pay tribute to the women behind the lens—and also the women whose stories they tell.

The women featured here—Bonnie Chiu of Lensational, Gina LeVay, Barbara Kinney and Delphine Diallo—are just a few shining examples of how photography and storytelling can help forge a more inclusive, gender-equal world.

Dedicated to shedding light on women’s achievements, Bonnie Chiu, Founder of Lensational, shares the story of marginalized women who are using cameras to raise their voices and express themselves.

Students pose for photographer Suchi Kapoor during a training programme at the Down Syndrome Federation of India. Many in India mistakenly believe Down’s syndrome is a disease, but despite encountering challenges, people affected by it can still go to school, work and lead a normal, happy life.

Gina LeVay tells the story of female athletes heading to the Olympics for the first time.

Barbara Kinney captures Hillary Clinton’s historic campaign for president.

Delphine Diallo shares the different faces of female beauty in her project, The Face of America.

These are stories about female resilience, stories about confidence, stories about leadership, and stories about strength. Join us in celebrating these stories and their storytellers on International Women’s Day, and every day.

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About the author: Deborah Block works for the photography website provider PhotoShelter. This post was also published here.