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GIMP Crowdfunding Critical Updates like High Bit Depth and Layer Effects


One of the most popular free alternatives to Photoshop out there is GIMP, an open source graphics editor that packs a lot of punch. But if you want GIMP to really improve—adding features like high bit depth and CMYK support—the folks behind it are asking that you support one of their most prolific developers.

In an announcement posted on the GIMP website two days ago, Alexandre Prokoudine reached out to the community to help raise support for Øyvind Kolås, “the maintainer and lead developer of GIMPs next generations engine, babl/GEGL.”

A great image editor needs a powerful graphics engine at its core, and for the last decade Kolås has helped improve babl and GEGL by orders of magnitude. “Thanks to his work,” writes Prokoudine, “we shall be shipping GIMP 2.10 with 16/32-bit per color channel precision, linear pixel data workflow, and filters that have an on-canvas preview.”

But their work is not (read: never) done, which is why Prokoudine is asking that loyal GIMP users go to Kolås’ Patreon and throw a few bucks in his direction. With your help, development of features like support for CMYK and spot colors, more GIMP filters, and even better performance will go a lot faster.

To read GIMP’s full news release asking for help, click here. And if you use GIMP and want to support the work Kolås is doing, you can find and support his Patreon here.