The Creative Transitions in this Video of Shanghai May Hurt Your Brain

Media artist JT Singh a new video titled, Shanghai Forever. The 3-minute video is a hyperlapse journey through Shanghai’s residential areas, and the creative transitions between shots transport you from place to place in unexpected ways.

The project turns the viewer’s gaze away from Shanghai’s ultra-modern districts and their 4,000 skyscrapers and to quiet areas where residents enjoy a simpler way of life.

“With Shanghai Forever I wanted to focus on something I’ve always experienced during exploring cities,” Singh tells PetaPixel, “especially within the older parts of the city, which are those micro moments that make you suddenly smile or see something so interesting that you keep staring.”


Singh also spent a great deal of time in planning and preparation, opting for cohesion rather than randomness.

“Transitional storyboarding is important to me. I’ve never been a fan of videos that just cut to different scenes without any connective tissues,” he says. “For this video I think I tried to push it with creative transitions, which always a lot more creative effort.”

“Essentially it’s about experimenting and meticulously ensuring that every scene has a creative function, and an emotional purpose and a point within the cohesive whole,” he continues. “If it doesn’t, then cut it out, no matter how cool the footage is.”