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This New Documentary Follows the Top Urbex Photographers in Europe


The best Urbex photographers in Europe—13 young shooters from the cities of Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague and Bratislava—are the subject of the latest documentary generating some hype in the photo world. It’s called Run The World, and its first trailer is dripping with a devil-may-care attitude.

At some point, the (highly illegal and dangerous) genre of rooftopping photography merged with the (often illegal and dangerous) genre of abandoned building photography and that popular ‘faded’ look, and out sprouted the newest incarnation of what might be called Urban Exploration (Urbex) photography.

“[The] most famous spots and urbex photographers in the world are from America, Canada or Asia,” explains the trailer’s description. “This trend came little bit late to Europe, where the urban explorer and rooftopper scene isn’t that big compared to the rest of the world. Run the World is a documentary unifying this group of people.”

The film is scheduled to release in Winter of 2016, and this trailer gives us our first taste of what’s in store. Check it out for yourself up top, and then scroll down for a short clip from the doc released back in June.

Note: PetaPixel does not in any way condone or encourage trespassing or other illegal and potentially dangerous activity for the sake of photography.