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Clever Photographer Does Bellyflops to Add Water to His Backgrounds



If you love those photographers who will “do anything for the shot,” then you’re really going to enjoy Japanese photographer snowfairy88. When he needs to make a splash with one of his portraits, he goes all in… literally.

The photographer posted a series of photos on Twitter showing how he did a full-fledged belly flop to create a big splash for one of his portraits. The tweet has been liked and retweeted thousands of times—apparently people found this “technique” quite inspirational:





Actually, people enjoyed it so much he posted a video of another take to show them how it’s done:

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time snowfairy88 has used the “bellyflop splash technique” for one of his cosplay photo shoots. He posted this series back in 2014:

But while the bellyflop in the 2014 shoot looks a bit more intense—he gets fully horizontal!—the splash wasn’t quite as epic. As with everything else, it seems practice makes perfect.

To see more of this clever photographer’s work, be sure to visit his Twitter or give him a follow on Flickr.

(via Twitter via Dorkly)

Image credits: All photographs by snowfairy88.