This Two Minute ‘Timelapse’ is Made from Just 12 Photos

Using only 12 photos and the impressive new Platograph Pro software we told you about on Friday, photographer Ron Risman was able to create what he’s calling a “pseudo timelapse.” 12 photos, 12 ‘moving’ sequences.

In case you missed our coverage last week, Platograph Pro is a program that lets you turn any single JPEG into a looping GIF, MOV, or MP4. The program lets you add vector lines to your photo, which it then uses to “animate” that section of the photograph and make it appear to be moving. That’s the program Risman used to create this non-timelapse timelapse.

“The process included hand selecting the photographs that matched the feel I wanted to create, designing the movement within each image inside Platograph Pro, and editing the rendered clips inside Adobe Premiere Pro CC to create the final timelapse,” Risman tells PetaPixel.

“A couple of weeks ago I was storm chasing in the midewest with a tour company and quickly discovered that trying to capture 200-400 frames for a timelapse was nearly impossible, since we often only had a minute or two outside the van before the rain bands caught up to us,” Risman says. “This software now makes it possible to take one of those captured frames and turn it into something as beautiful as a timelapse.”

The final product took half a day to process in all, so it’s not exactly ‘cheating’ compared to putting together an actual sequence. And while it is obviously not a real timelapse, it serves as a cool proof of concept for what Platograph Pro can do.