3 Things to Consider When Editing a Black and White Photo

There are a ton of tutorials online that will walk you through properly capturing or creating black and white photos, but this short video by photographer Jeff Rojas focuses on something different. He points out 3 things you may not have considered (but should) when editing any black and white file.

Rojas elaborates on three considerations: your monitor, your color cast, and your final product.

1. Consider your monitor. The monitor you use to edit at home and the one you use on-the-go are probably different, Rojas knows to compensate for this when he uses his more contrasty MacBook Pro on the road

2. Consider color cast. The color cast of the room you edit in will affect how you see your screen. If you can’t edit in a grey room (like Rojas does) take the color cast of your editing space into consideration!

Finally, 3. Consider your final product. A photo on a book cover, a photo on a physical print, and a photo shared online each deserve their own treatment. Edit accordingly.

Rojas goes into much more detail on each of these in the video up top, so click play if you’re intrigued. And if you want to see some of his work—black and white and otherwise—head over to his website or give him a follow on Instagram.

(via ISO 1200)