This Strap Lets You Secure Your Camera to Any Railing, Fits in Your Pocket


A tripod is an indispensable accessory for photographers, but you’re bound to run into a situation where you either didn’t want to or weren’t allowed to bring one with you. The mini Plaster Hand was created for those exact situations.

Small enough to fit into your pocket and inconspicuous enough that it won’t give you any trouble in a no-tripod zone, the mini Plaster Hand is basically a skid-proof belt with a 1/4-inch screw mount attached to it. Using it, you can quickly and easily turn any railing into a secure and stable surface to shoot from.

Check out the video below to see how it works:

The versatile little device was developed by Hong Kong company Miniorenji, and it’s already proven to be a hit with potential customers. In just over a day, the mini Plaster Hand has already almost doubled its funding goal on Indiegogo. What’s more, it’s pretty cheap.

You can grab one for yourself for an early bird pledge of just $40, and even when those are gone it’ll only cost you $42. Will it replace your sturdy several-hundred-dollar tripod? We’re gonna say no. But it’ll go where a tripod can’t, and you’ll never have to consider the health of your lower back when deciding whether or not to bring it with you.

And if you use it right, it’ll help you capture much sharper photos than you’d be able to shoot hand-held. Here are a few samples the company uploaded to its Flickr profile:




To learn more about the mini Plaster Hand or secure one for yourself, head over to the product’s Indiegogo page by clicking here.