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Instagram Business Profile Spotted in the Wild, Features ‘Contact’ Button



Instagram’s version of a Facebook Page might soon be a thing. The company confirmed that it was working on “business profiles” earlier this year, but now screenshots have popped up online that show Instagram is testing these profiles out in the wild.

The profiles are apparently being tested with a small group of users, which is how the blog Later.com got ahold of screenshots that show one Health/Wellness Website’s business profile in action.

The first (and possibly most important) thing to notice is that “follow” is not the only action available anymore. To the left of that button is a big fat “Contact” button:


When pressed, it brings up the option to send an email or look up directions to the business you’re currently checking out:


If you’re worried that these screenshots are fake, there’s no need. Instagram has confirmed that these are the real deal. A spokesperson told TechCrunch that, “we are testing new business tools coming to Instagram in a few months.”

What IG didn’t say is what else you might be able to expect from “business” profiles like these—analytics and the ability to buy advertising have both been mentioned. But whatever features they include, these could be a very powerful tool for photography businesses who want to have a more “official” presence on the platform.