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Bye Bye Backfocus: See How Nikon’s Auto AF Fine Tune Works



SLR shooters have been dealing with autofocus misalignment issues for as long as autofocus itself has existed, but thanks to Nikon’s new AF Fine Tune feature, what used to be a very annoying and difficult problem can now be fixed with a few button clicks.

As you might already know, front- and back-focus issues are something experienced exclusively by SLR shooters, since mirrorless cameras draw their focus straight from the image sensor. What AF Fine Tune does is use the live view contrast detection focus system on the Nikon D5 and D500 to calibrate the phase detect system. Easy peasy.

In the video below, the folks at DPReview explain how AF Fine Tune works, show you how to use it, and offer a few tips that’ll help you calibrate your lenses best. Check it out for yourself: