Here’s What the GrammyCam Saw at the Grammys (Spoiler: It’s Disappointing)


Last week, we shared how this year’s Grammy Awards would be the first to feature footage captured with the GrammyCam, a special Grammy trophy that has a built-in GoPro camera in its base. Well, the Grammys were last night, and the world’s first GrammyCam videos are now available for the world to see.

The idea was interesting, but the results are far from spectacular.

First off, here’s how heavily the GrammyCam was promoted leading up to the awards ceremony:

And here’s what the GrammyCam actually captured from the winners’ perspectives:

This is what was being said about the camera afterwards on Twitter:

It’ll be interesting to see whether other awards shows adopt similar trophy cameras now that the results of this first experiment are out.

P.S. GoPro released this 3-minute video showing how the GrammyCam was made using one of its disassembled cameras: