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Here’s a Music Video That Highlights the Unoriginality of Instagram Photos


Clichés are everywhere on Instagram, and trending hashtags are an easy way for users to shoot nearly identical photos on the same topics. For their latest music video for the song titled “Clichés,” Hiérophante decided to create a hypnotic rapid-fire slideshow that shows how much of what you find on Instagram is completely unoriginal. From hashtags, to locations, to celebrities — each group of photos has an eerie level of uniformity.

“I took advantage of our tendency to be unoriginal on social media to make this animation,” Hiérophante writes. “Everything from images search to editing is made ‘by hand’ without any automated software. Some people point out to me that some similar videos already exists so it seems that making a video about clichés is a cliché too…”

(via Hiérophante via TIME)