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Lea Clark: Showing American Girls How to Live Their Photography Dreams



If you’re interested in taking your photography business to the next level, you do not want to miss out on the newest photography workshop hitting the industry:

Lea Clark: Showing American Girls how to live their Photography Dreams.

According to her most recent write-up on Good Morning America, Lea Clark, American Girl’s 2016 Girl of the Year, is a talented photographer and animal lover, whose photography has taken her all over the world, most recently to Brazil.

Lea, 10 years old, shared that she’s been involved in photography ever since she was 1. Her plastic eyes twinkled as she laughed and said, “My first word was ‘bokeh.’” We sat down with Lea, well, actually, WE sat Lea down, to ask her a few questions about her photography.

“I discovered my passion for photography the second my molded plastic camera was draped over my hand. It was like something ignited deep within my hollow soul. I feel really passionate about sharing that with others.”

When asked about her upcoming photography workshop tour, Lea was clearly excited. “It feels SO good to get out of my cardboard box and really share with others the secret to my success; that girls can be whatever they want to be, as long as they aren’t trapped in a cardboard box.”

In addition to Lea’s upcoming workshop tour, rumors are circulating that she will be presenting at PPA and WPPI in 2016. Neither organization was willing to confirm the rumor.

About the author: Missy Mwac is a photography satirist, a lover of bacon, a drinker of vodka, a lover of sparkle, and a guide through the murky waters of professional photography. You can connect with her on Tumblr and Facebook. This article was also published here.