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‘See Better Shoot Better’: Seeing the World Differently as a Photographer


If you can carve 20 minutes out of your day, check out this fantastic lecture that was recently given by award-winning photojournalist Michael Goulding at Sports Shooter Academy 12. The talk centers around the mantra “See Better Shoot Better.”

Goulding shares the story of how he met and photographed renowned portrait photographer Annie Leibowitz a couple of decades ago.

“Gosh, you photojournalists must see pictures all the time,” Leibowitz said during the encounter. “You’re constantly seeing pictures. I would find that so exhausting.”

“Yeah, I do see pictures,” Goulding realized later on while reflecting on the comment. “It’s a beautiful fringe benefit we get when we become photographers […] It’s all kind of preconceiving, trying to predict the picture, trying to see something that may eventually come there […] We need to constantly grow in order to make better and better pictures.”


Goulding spends the bulk of the talk stepping through a slideshow of some of his best work from the past several years and sharing about the thought process behind them.

(via Sports Shooter Academy via ISO 1200)

Video credits: Video produced by Myung J. Chun