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Camerawoman Fired After She Tripped Refugees and Kicked Children



A Hungarian journalist and camerawoman has been fired after photos and videos of her tripping and kicking fleeing refugees spread far and wide on the Internet.

Petra Laszlo, a reporter for the Hungarian news channel N1TV, was using a camera to capture footage of migrants fleeing from police at a relocation camp in Roszke, Hungary. But that’s not all she was doing: other cameras on the scene captured her kicking and tripping migrants as they ran past her — both adults and their young children.

One clip shows Laszlo sticking out her leg to trip a man who was carrying a bag of belongings and his child in his arms, sending both to the ground.

Footage captured by Laszlo was reportedly edited by N1TV to conceal the fact that Laszlo had played a role in sending migrants sprawling to the ground.

N1TV’s channel aligns itself with the Jobbik party in Hungary, which is anti-immigration, so it’s unclear whether Laszlo was attacking migrants for “better” and more “exciting” footage or whether her actions were politically motivated — or both.

Her employer has since fired her, saying that Laszlo had “behaved in an unacceptable manner.” The move comes less than a day after images and clips of the journalist began going viral on social networks, leading to widespread outrage and condemnation. A new “Petra Laszlo shame wall” on Facebook has already attracted over 16,000 “Likes.”

The Guardian also reports that Laszlo may soon face charges of violence against a member of the community, which is punishable by up to 5 years in jail.