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4 Tips for Posing Subjects by Wedding Photographer Lexia Frank



Earlier this year, wedding photographer Lexia Frank published a series of 4 short videos that teach how to properly pose models in order to minimize possibly undesirable features. The first video focuses on removing double chins, the second on hiding the upper body, the third on cutting inches off the waist, and the last on posing your model’s feet correctly.

Getting Rid of Double Chins

Hiding The Upper Body

Cutting Inches Off The Waist

Correctly Placing The Feet

To learn more about Lexia Frank and the work she does, you can pay a visit to her website and blog. She has previously worked as a part of Canon’s Project Imagination and has been published in a collection of magazines including Destination Weddings, BabyTalk, Veil, PDN, Entertainment, WIRED, and more.

(via Lexia Frank via ISO 1200)