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PayPal Unveils PayPal.Me Links for Getting Paid: Grab Your URL Before It’s Gone



PayPal today announced PayPal.Me, giving people personalized links for getting paid. If you’ve ever wanted to send a PayPal money request to a photography client in a single, easy-to-remember URL, that wish has now been granted. But first you’ll need to reserve your name before someone else grabs it.


The personalized links are in the form of paypal.me/yourcustomurl. If you’d like to request a specific amount of money, you can just tack on a number to the end of the URL. For example, you can send $50 to PetaPixel by following this link: paypal.me/petapixel/50.

These simple payment URLs make it so you can send simple money requests to multiple people at once. You’ll also be able to send requests via a simple text message.


Signing up for your personal URL only takes a minute. Visit this page, enter the URL you’d like. If it’s still available, it’s yours!

(via The Next Web via Fstoppers)