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The Top 8 Pitfalls of Shooting Weddings and How You Can Avoid Them


Here’s an 8.5-minute video in which wedding photographer Susan Stripling shares her top 8 pitfalls of shooting weddings, and tips that can help photographers overcome them.

In case you’d like to jump around, here’s an index of the 8 tips and the time at which you can find them in the video:

1. Not managing expectations (0:55)
2. Finding out who’s in charge (2:00)
3. Schedule changes (2:49)
4. Running late (3:50)
5. Broken gear (5:05)
6. Not having a system (6:12)
7. Awkward situations (6:57)
8. Not having the skills (7:40)

You can check out Stripling’s wedding photos on her website and her writing on her blog.