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Instagram May Be Getting Ready to Up Photo Sizes to 1080px


photo-634069_1280 copy

If you’re an Instagram fan, there is a good chance that your experience is about to get quite a bit better. In the past, Instagram has uploaded and stored user images at a meager resolution of 640×640. In a world in which smartphones are beginning to include quad HD displays, a non-HD resolution seems subpar. Luckily, it appears that 1080×1080 Instagram uploads are on the way.

The Verge has discovered that Instagram is now storing newly uploaded photographs at a 1080px resolution. The mobile apps and website continue to display the lower resolution 640px images, but the fact that higher resolutions are now being stored on Instagram servers is a good sign that the service is getting ready to switch the service over to HD imagery.

This is the relative size of 640px compared to 1080px.
This is the relative size of 640px compared to 1080px.

There is no telling when the service will make its move to the higher quality images, but the choice will be welcomed by users who have felt Instagram has lacked the ability to store quality content in the past.

If you are interested in checking out which of your photographs are being stored in 1080px, you can use your favorite browser to view the page’s source code. The first JPEG link displayed will allow you to access the photo being stored on Instagram’s servers. The change seems to have recently gone into effect, so images from more than a week ago don’t seem to be showcasing the upgrade.