Ax Smash, or: How NOT to Deal with DSLR Errors

YouTube celebrity Casey Neistat made the photography world cringe and groan today after publishing a new vlog titled “Quitter,” which includes a particularly painful-to-watch case of violence against cameras. After repeatedly experiencing an error on his Canon 70D that caused him to lose footage, Neistat took an ax and destroyed both the camera and lens.

The horror starts at 4:48 in the video above. Here’s a GIF showing what he did:

Neistat then posted a photo on Instagram saying that his camera “had to be destroyed” because of its annoying “movie recording has stopped automatically” error:

"movie recording has stopped automatically" – worst bug ever, the camera had to be destroyed

A photo posted by Casey Neistat (@caseyneistat) on

Both the video and the photo have received tens of thousands of views and likes in less than a day, but quite a few of the comments are critical of Neistat, saying that instead of destroying his camera (and lens, which was presumably perfectly fine), he should have donated it or repaired it.

The most popular comment on YouTube reads:

I usually love your throw away attitude in terms of using everything like it was made to be used, instead of putting it on a high shelf and just admiring it. However, smashing up your DSLR when it wasn’t even broken (it just stops recording after so long) was very wasteful and made me lose a bit of appreciation for you.

Neistat says that another of his cameras, a Canon 5D Mark III, suffers from the exact same error message.

(via Resource Magazine)

P.S. The third most popular comment reads: “‘Movie recording stopped automatically’ is the absolute bane of my life.” A quick Google search suggests that this is indeed a commonly reported problem among Canon DSLR shooters.