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The Center-Framed Style of Mad Max: Fury Road


Yesterday we shared some interesting before-and-after images showing the visual effects work that went into the hit Hollywood movie Mad Max: Fury Road. Here’s a second look at the film from a different angle: the composition. In the 1.5-minute video above, editor Vashi Nedomansky explores how keeping all the action in the center of each frame made the shots so effective and easy to follow.

“Because almost every shot was center framed, comprehending the action requires no hunting of each new shot for the point of interest,” Nedomansky writes. “The viewer doesn’t need 3 or 4 frames to figure out where to look. It’s like watching an old hand-drawn flip book whiz by. The focus is always in the same spot!”

(via Vashi Visuals via ISO 1200)

P.S. Last year we shared a video showing how director Wes Anderson uses center framing and symmetry.