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‘Brave New Camera’ Documentary: How the Evolution of Cameras is Changing Our Lives


Brave New Camera is an upcoming documentary film that looks at how recent developments in cameras — things like Internet-connectivity, near-infinite storage, and powerful algorithms — has changed and is changing the world we live in.

“Photographs have always been used to communicate something, inspiring the adage from the turn of the century, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’,” director Avery McCarthy writes. “Now, that communication is no longer tethered to the restrictive nature of printed images, slides and film.”

“The widespread use of camera phones, cloud storage and image and video sharing networks has broken most barriers to distributing a photo or video in seconds with the rest of the world.”

The film’s crew recently turned to Indiegogo to raise funds for two final trips to finish shooting this film, but they only managed to gather $4,500 of their $45,000 goal, so the funding fell short. You can keep up with the film’s progress over on its website.

(via Brave New Camera via Vantage)