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Photographer Stages Playful Scenes to Bring Everyday Things to Life


Cameras on Vacation

Animated Photography” is an ongoing project by photographer ErAn Croitoru, who stages and shoots creative scenes with everyday objects that turn them into living creatures.

“This project is for the silent objects in all of our lives,” Croitoru writes, “the things we use and leave in the background.”

Some of the photos clearly have a good amount of Photoshop editing behind them, but others are simply the result of some simple tricks during the photo shoot.

"Break Free"
“Break Free”
"Food Fight"
“Food Fight”
"The Other Side"
“The Other Side”
"She Loves Me (not?)"
“She Loves Me (not?)”
"I Think It's Number 2"
“I Think It’s Number 2”
"The End"
“The End”
"Kids (all they want is some coffee)"
“Kids (all they want is some coffee)”
"Watch Out"
“Watch Out”
"Save the King!"
“Save the King!”

Here are a couple of behind-the-scenes videos showing how “Save the King!” was shot:

"The Attack on Nail City"
“The Attack on Nail City”

The making of “The Attack on Nail City”:

You can follow along with the project over on its website.

Image credits: Photographs by ErAn Croitoru and used with permission