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Words of Wisdom for Photographers by Renowned Photojournalist Steve McCurry



Last month, we shared a popular video in which photojournalist Steve McCurry talked about the danger of focusing on your destination so much that you miss your journey. That clip was actually from a series of videos in which McCurry shares wisdom he has learned over the decades of traveling the world and hunting for photos that will be remembered.

Here’s the entire 6 part series produced by the creative arts book publisher Phaidon Press:

The Journey Over the Destination

Don’t focus on your destination so much that you miss out on opportunities during your journey.

Being Part of the Conversation

You are a witness to history. Use your camera to help people in the future learn what life was like now.

Following Your Passion

Get involved in stories that you care about. You need passion to do your best work.

Committing to a Story

Find the story and attack it. “Too much preparation can lead to procrastination. The main thing is to get out and shoot.”

The Importance of a Good Team

Your contacts and relationships could last your entire career. Spend time building the right team before moving forward.

A Lifetime of Photography

“To be literally the front line of history has taught me so much.”