BelfieStick: A Dedicated Product for Snapping Hard to Reach Selfies of Your Butt


If you already can’t stand the idea of a selfie stick existing, you may want to avert your eyes. The BelfieStick is a bizarre new device for “belfies,” or backside selfies. It’s like a selfie stick, except for the express purpose of photographing your butt.


Collins Dictionary defines “belfie” as a “photograph of one’s own bottom, esp one posted online.” The term was reportedly coined by Kim Kardashian.

The device was created by the company behind the photo sharing service On. Company CTO Kevin Deegan tells Business Insider they came up with the idea for the product after seeing the trend emerging among their users. “We’ve noticed a huge spike in users taking butt selfies in recent months so the natural next step was for us to develop a device to assist our users in taking one,” he says.


Here’s how the product site describes the device:

With our bendable stick, you can position your back side without the need of a mirror and shoot the exact angle you are looking for. Bend in ways you never thought possible with our patent-pending design! Our unique design makes it easy to take pics of your bum in any angle. Never drop your phone again!

The BelfieStick will carry a price tag of $80 when it arrives later in 2015. People interested in one can sign up to preorder through the website.

(via Business Insider)