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Fine Art Photo Too Pricey on Amazon? You Can Now Name Your Own Price



Back in August 2013, Amazon unveiled a new fine art marketplace featuring tens of thousands of artworks — including thousands of photos — from various dealers and art galleries. If the prices in the shop are too rich for your blood, get this: you can now name your own price for some of the works.

Amazon is rolling out a new feature that allows fine art buyers to “make an offer” on over 150,000 items. As with the “Make Offer” feature on eBay, it’s up to the seller to accept, decline, or counter the offers that come in (they have 72 hours to do so).


The company plans to expand the option to “hundreds of thousands” of artworks next year. You can find many of the items that already have this feature by searching for “make an offer” in the marketplace.

(via Reuters via Engadget)