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Video: How to Properly Fine Tune Autofocus on Your DSLR Through Micro-Adjustments


One pesky issue you may have run into with your DSLR is front-focusing or back-focusing, a problem that, in the past, required that you send your camera into a service center along with any troublesome lenses.

Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. This problem can now be fixed with the help of microfiches adjustments, which almost all DSLRs have built into them now. And here to show us how to properly do just that is John Greengo in the above CreativeLive tutorial.

In the video, Greengo lays out what the problem of front-focusing and back-focusing is, and then shares the solution, which involves using either a dedicated or custom-made tool and your camera’s menu to ever so slightly tweak the autofocus until it’s spot on.


If you’ve noticed your images are coming out slightly soft lately and you’re the adventurous type, you might want to give the three-minute video a watch and see if following Greengo’s guide can solve your problem.

(via Picture Correct)