Clever Photos That Make It Look Like Painted Museum Portraits are Taking Selfies


It was during a trip to the National Gallery of Denmark that Olivia Muus came up with a fun idea: she decided to use painted portraits as the centerpiece for a small collection of forced perspective ‘selfies.’

By simply holding her hand up in front of the portraits in the galleries and snapping a picture, Muus gives the classic paintings and their stoic subjects a much more… modern feel:





The ongoing series has drawn quite the crowd across social media since Muus put it online, leading her to create Museum of Selfies, a Tumblr dedicated to sharing similar images captured by people across the world.

You can see many more images like this by heading over to the Museum of Selfies. Otherwise, give Muus a follow on Instagram to keep up with her humorous antics.

(via Lost at Minor)

Image credits: Photographs by Olivia Muus and used with permission