A Hardcore Photography Pride Hoodie by Teespring (that Needs One Small Edit)


What do you get when you mix some hardcore photography pride with winter clothing? You get something like the hoodie above by Teespring: a fun-if-a-bit-cocky gift idea for the photographer in your life.

The folks at The Phoblographer dug this little gem up, and the limited-time offer is currently 14 sales in 7 days away from becoming a reality and then disappearing forever. It’s also a “Deal of the Day,” so you pay $40 instead of $50 if you buy it today.

Here’s a closer look:


Our only complaint is that we couldn’t find an “all women” or “all people” version in the store, which inevitably leaves out about half the photographers out there, but that’s nothing a small edit won’t fix. Consider the suggestion made.

If Teespring takes this suggestion to heart, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know. In the meantime, if you wanna get your hands on the hoodie in its current iteration (or the $30 T-Shirt version), click here.