Humor: Photography-Themed T-Shirt Tells Everybody that You “Shoot People”


Lovers of fun photography T-Shirts are gonna enjoy this one. A common play on words in the photo community, this shirt from Teespring warns innocent bystanders that you “shoot people,” and then goes a step further by letting them know that you also “sometimes cut off their head.”

Not something we suggest you wear through, say, airport security (or to an amusement park…) the shirt is sure to please the photo nerd in your life.

If you’d like your own, head over to the Teespring website and be ready to drop between $22 and $25 depending on the size you want. But don’t wait too long to make the decision. As of this writing, the shirt will only be available for the next 1 day, 12 hours, 20 minutes and 50 seconds, 49, 48, 47… you get the point.