This is What a Photographers Protest Looks Like


A UK-based amateur photographer named Bob Riach was stopped outside a shopping center in East Yorkshire last week by a security guard. Riach was attempting to take some nighttime shots of the complex when the guard confronted him and told him that his photography wasn’t allowed due to the complex, citing concerns of an attack by ISIS.

This week a group of photographers decided to stage a protest in support of Riach and photographers’ rights.

A small handful of photographers showed up at the shopping center with cameras and tripods in tow, set up their gear with the lenses pointed straight at the complex, and began snapping photos.

BBC Look North soon arrived on the scene and captured a brief clip of the peaceful protest, which it then shared on its Facebook page:

Defenders of photographers rights in UK point to the irony of the fact that photographers are often stopped for photography while the nation has one camera for every 11 people.

(via Amateur Photographer)

Image credits: Video and still frame by BBC Look North