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Hasselblad’s New H5D-200c Multi-Shot Spits Out Massive 200-Megapixel Files



Fair warning: your brain’s buffer might have a hard time processing this one. Following in the multi-shot heritage of the old CCD H5D-200MS, Hasselblad has released a CMOS version of the multi-shot behemoth. And like its older brother, it can spit out gargantuan 200MP files thanks to Hassy’s proprietary Multi-Shot technology that combines as many as 6 shots into one.

Announced 5 hours ago over Instagram of all things, the H5D-200c is not for the faint of hard drive. It uses the same sensor as the H5D-50c, only this back can shoot 4 or 6 images and combine them in such a way that it yields 200-megapixel, 600MB 8-bit TIFF files.

The photo below (click here for higher res) shows you how much of a difference those extra shots actually make.


Since this is a CMOS based system, you can also shoot exposures of up to 12 minutes and crank the ISO as high as 6400. What will emerge on the other end, Hasselblad claims, represents “the most accurate colour rendering and resolution available on the market today in the medium format.”

You can now clean the copious amounts of drool off your keyboard, and click here for more info from Hassy themselves.

(via Fstoppers)