Video: Build Your Own Diffusion Panel for Only $30

One of the most versatile tools any photographer can have in their arsenal is a diffusion panel. It can be used in both natural and artificial light and for artificial light it works equally as well in both continuous and strobe lighting. However, if you’re going online to look for a diffusion panel, they’re often a bit expensive for what is essentially a white sheet spread over a frame.

So, to help you cut costs without cutting quality, Tony Roslund has put together a convenient little DIY tutorial that details how to make a rather large diffusion panel for only $30.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 2.08.21 PM

While some might have the required materials laying around the house, if you don’t, it only involves a few easy-to-obtain materials from your local hardware store. Specifically, for this DIY project you’ll need: wooden rails (to make the frame), diffusion material, scissors/razor blade and white gaffers tape.

Of course, many of these materials don’t need to be exactly as the video – for example rigid PVC pipe could work as a frame – but for the sake of following along and understanding the basic principle of creating the diffusion panel, the supplies Roslund goes over are convenient enough.

At just over six minutes, it’s a quick tutorial that will save you a great deal of money while giving you a fun weekend project.