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DIY: How to Fix the Cracked Glass That Protects Your DSLR’s LCD Screen



It’s never a good day when you crack the glass screen that’s protecting the LCD screen on your DSLR. Even if you’re careful with your gear and travel with a bag between locations, accidents happen.

That’s what happen to Instructables user coolscience.com, but instead of sending his camera in for repair, he decided to take the DIY approach and fix it himself. Fortunately for you, the steps he came up with ended up being both simple and cheap!

For only $20 in parts and 5 minutes time, coolscience.com shows you how to quickly and easily replace the cracked glass on the back of your DSLR


The process is quite simple, considering the only tools you’ll need are a blow dryer (or heat gun if you’re fancy), a small suction cup and a piece of replacement glass for your specific camera, which you can find on Ebay or Amazon for between $10 and $20.

Once you have the needed materials, head over to the link below where coolscience will walk you step-by-step through the process. If you’re pretty good with the tools at hand, it shouldn’t take you much longer than a commercial break.

How to Fix a Cracked Screen on DSLR [via Instructables]