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Aerial Photo Company Gets Cops Called on Them After Drone Startles Naked Woman


Portland-based aerial photography company Skyris Imaging found themselves in an awkward situation earlier this week when a not-fully-clothed woman was startled by a camera drone hovering outside of her 26th-floor apartment in Seattle and, naturally, called the police.

According to KGW News Portland, Lisa Pleiss was walking around her apartment naked last Sunday, not at all expecting her privacy to be an issue on the 26th floor, when she was shocked to see a camera-toting UAV hovering above a crane about a block away from her window.

Believing she may be the victim of a high-tech peeping Tom, she called the concierge, who called the Seattle Police, who then launched an investigation into possible invasion of privacy and tried to track down the drone pilots responsible.

The media, as you might imagine, had a field day with the story of a camera drone hovering around Seattle peeping in on people’s apartments, which shocked Skyris Imaging founder Joe Vaughn. He immediately called the police, identified himself, his company, and explained that he was shooting a panoramic view for a developer and was not even pointed towards Pleiss apartment.

The police confirmed his story with the client and let him off the hook, but Vaughn took it one step further by getting in contact with Pleiss to explain the situation himself and apologize for startling her.

“We had a very nice conversation,” he tells KGW. “And we’ll be sending her a print of the photograph we ended up taking on Sunday morning.”

(via Boing Boing)