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Video: 500 lb Grizzly Tries to Have a Wildlife Photographer’s GoPro for Lunch


British wildlife photographer Chris Weston recently had one of the most interesting ‘first time’ GoPro experiences of anyone out there: upon setting the camera up for the very first time, it nearly got swallowed by a 500 lb grizzly bear.

Weston — who was out filming footage in the Katmai Peninsula, Alaska for a wildlife documentary when the incident took place — has been photographing bears for nearly a decade. But as he tells The Daily Mail, he’s never had an experience quite like this:

I have had many close encounters but never something quite as up close and personal as this. In terms of excitement and anticipation of seeing the results, this was up there with the best. When we viewed the footage back on the boat, the entire crew, who had experience with working with the BBC, were whooping and hollering with amazement.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time a Grizzly has had the inside of its mouth recorded by a GoPro that was simultaneously fighting for its life. The first such footage we ran across was captured by Brad Josephs in May of 2013… maybe he and Weston could get together and start a new genre.

(via Boing Boing)