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Storyboard Artist Shoots Entertaining Stop-Motion by Inserting Cartoons Into Real Life


Maybe you’re sick of the “cartoonist/photographer/artist inserts fun characters or images into the real world using forced perspective” thing, and admittedly there have been a lot, but the video above is an example that falls very near the top of the genre’s “best of” list.

Created by storyboard artist Marty Cooper (aka. Hombre McSteez), he uses what’s called Cel Animation — short for Celluloid animation, in which different transparent layers are placed above an opaque background layer so that parts of the animation can be repeated without redrawing everything — to insert cartoon characters of his own creation into the real world.

The characters then interact with their world in fun little stop motion animation sequences that Cooper shoots using his iPhone 5.

The video above is something of a highlight reel that he’s put together from his much more comprehensive portfolio of pictures and animated sequences. To see the rest or follow him as he creates more, check out his Tumblr, Instagram and/or YouTube channel.

(via Engadget)