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Blast from the Past: Photography ‘Holiday Camp’ Video from 1961


This is pretty cool, and might just give you a good laugh at the same time. Go back in time and see what a photography ‘holiday camp’ (read: photography workshop) was like back in 1961, as what look to be a bunch of very amateur photographers try and learn to better compose and set up shots of beautiful women.

The video was uploaded to YouTube a few days ago by British Pathé, who does a great job of summarizing the content but doesn’t seem to have much more info beyond that.

It comes off as a bit comical to us — especially given how often the narrator points out that these ‘chaps’ are more interested in ogling the subjects than photographing them — but British Pathé believes this is the “Butlins/Butlin’s” holiday camp. Whatever the case, we hope you enjoy this fascinating bit of retro humor.

(via ISO 1200)