Funny Vine Compilation Captures 3 Months of Saturday Mornings with a 4-Year-Old

This father is exhausted… in a funny because it’s true kind of way. Over the past three months, YouTube user and proud father of two, Bottlerocket, has been recording a 6-second Vine video every Saturday morning with his 4-year-old. Complete with annoyed look (it’s put on folks, he loves his daughter), obnoxiously loud music and rowdy little girl, the Vine compilation above is something of an ode to exhausted parents everywhere.

Bottlerocket (real name Tony) has actually been creating funny parenting Vines like this since February of 2013, accruing over 322,000 fans over the past year. The real viral explosion though is coming with the video above, which compiles the last three months of his Saturday morning routine.

Here’s how he describes it to BuzzFeed:

Every Saturday morning, my daughters go to dance class. My oldest goes with my wife first, leaving me home with youngest for an hour before I take her to her own dance class. She requests her playlist on Spotify EVERY Saturday morning. I started to film my reactions to her songs and dancing while I was checking my email and messages in the morning, having my coffee, or just generally trying to wake up on the weekend. Of course, I added the annoyed look to make them funnier. My daughter DOES NOT annoy me.

Of course, that last line and the obviousness of the joke hasn’t stopped people from leaving rude comments and assuming that he’s a bad father, but this is the Internet, it comes with the territory.

So check out the video at the top for a bit of a laugh, and if you want to keep up with Tony and his two rowdy daughters as they continue to have fun week-in and week-out, follow him on Twitter, YouTube or, of course, Vine.