National Geometric Helps Children in India One Photo Print At a Time

National Geometric

As photographers, we have to opportunity to change the world and impact it for the better. It sounds romanticized more often than it sounds like a reality, but it’s true. If you’d like proof of this, look no further than a new project cheekily named National Geometric.

The project utilizes a unique method of fundraising to try and provide food, water and other daily necessities to children in India. Taking advantage of exchange rates and basic economic principles, National Geometric sells off one-of-a-kind prints of a child in need at an extremely affordable rate, and the profits from those sales then go to fulfill that specific child’s need(s).


The difference between this and other fundraising efforts is how personalized the system is. Rather than donating and having your funds tossed into a giant pot, you get to choose a child you would like to help support, purchase a beautiful print for your home, and in doing so, know that the child is going to directly benefit from your purchase. It’s building a personal bond between the supporter and the individual being supported.

Upon making your purchase, your 10″x15″ print will be sent to you via USPS as your funds immediately make their way to the child. Once the child receives the aid they needed, you’ll receive a follow-up picture via email that depicts them after they’ve benefitted from your donation/purchase.

A $35 print purchase will help Soujanya pay for her final year of schooling where she’s getting her MBA in programming.
A $40 print purchase will help Bindhu purchase two full school outfits

What National Geometric is doing is nothing short of brilliant, and the compassion that clearly drives this organization only adds to our respect for their efforts.

If you’d like to read more about the project or make a donation and change a life by purchasing a print for yourself, you can head over to the National Geometric site of go directly to the organization’s store by following the corresponding links.