NASA Photos Give Us a Behind the Scenes Look at the Apollo 11 Training Exercises


Yes, it’s April Fools’ Day, but this photo and those below aren’t fakes. These are the real deal. Not that kind of real deal, though. These are photographs taken during training simulations in Houston, three months before these gentlemen, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, actually stepped on the moon.

The photographs depict the space-bound duo going through the various exercises they would be taking part in while on the lunar surface. From collecting lunar dirt samples to setting up some surveying material, the images give us a unique behind the scenes look at an integral part in American history.

Neil Armstrong unlatches a mock-up return container located on the Modular Equipment Stowage Assembly on April 18, 1969.
Neil Armstrong practices picking up lunar soil in the Manned Spacecraft Center on April 18, 1969.
Buzz Aldrin (left) and Neil Armstrong (right) take part in a training procedure meant to prepare them to pick up lunar samples on April 22, 1969.
Neil Armstrong stands in front of the Lunar Module mock-up while holding a camera on April 22, 1969.
Neil Armstrong practices setting up a video camera during a simulation at the Manned Spacecraft Center.
Neil Armstrong deploys the Solar Wind Composition mock-up during a practice run (left) and uses a scoop to place a lunar sample into a collection bag (right).

Of course, there are at least a few people out there who will see these as dress rehearsals for a soon-to-be-filmed Stanley Kubrick production… nothing we can do about that though.

If you like these and you want to see photos from when Apollo 11 actually went to the moon (as well as every other Apollo mission for that matter) be sure to visit our post on the Apollo Image Gallery and feast your eyes on the REAL real deal.

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Image credits: Photographs courtesy of NASA