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This Coffee Shop in South Korea is Shaped Like a Rolleiflex Camera



The title kind of says it all on this one, so we’ll keep it brief. There is a coffee shop in South Korea that ought to make it onto every quirky photographer’s bucket list… kind of like the bathroom in China we told you about a couple of weeks ago.

The bathroom was shaped like a rangefinder and this coffee shop lets you enjoy your favorite South Korean brew inside a beautifully designed Rolleiflex camera. However you prefer your coffee, there’s little doubt in our minds that photo lovers would rather be drinking it from inside this cool and quirky cafĂ©.



Opened by an ex-helicopter pilot in the air force, the shop is open every day starting at 11. You can learn more about it on the shop’s Facebook or blog, and if you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, grab some photos enjoying a cup of joe and send them our way.

This is one of the very few times we’ll ever encourage you to take a photo of your cappuccino…