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Nikon Partners with BlackRapid on Fancy New ‘Quick-Draw’ Shoulder Straps


Nikon Strap

Quietly announced alongside the Nikon D4s is a new pair of accessories from Nikon. Partnering with BlackRapid’s Ron Henry, Nikon has created a series of “Quick-Draw Straps” that the company hopes will blow away the standard straps that come with most DSLRs.

With “even greater convenience [than standard BlackRapid straps]” the two models — “The Quick-Draw” and the “Quick-Draw Strap S” — will allow your camera to more easily glide diagonally up and down the shoulder strap. Utilizing the standard tripod socket, your camera will hang upside down on your side, with an extra safety strap ensuring all is not lost in the (extremely) rare case the fastener comes loose.

The Quick-Draw Strap is directed more towards full-size DSLR owners, featuring a large shoulder pad and under-the-arm harness, whereas the Quick-Draw Strap S is aimed at users of the Nikon 1-series cameras and features a slimmer shoulder pad.

Being a proud owner of BlackRapid gear myself, it’s a nice move by Nikon to give its customers a proprietary-branded piece of gear while partnering with such a highly respected name in the photography world. Showing off that vibrant Nikon yellow, they’re sure to make Nikon users stand out a bit more in the crowd, for better or worse (in terms of theft-targeting, not the brand).

No word yet on when these straps will actually make it into users’ hands, but given Nikon has announced them itself we probably won’t have to wait too long. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on what is essentially a few tweaks and rebrand of a BlackRapid strap? Good call on Nikon’s part?

(via Nikon)