Group Sneaks Camera into Supreme Court, Gives Us First Ever Glimpse Inside

An advocacy group concerned with the issue of campaign finance reform recently managed to capture some footage that has never been captured before: video from inside the Supreme Court.

The footage was filmed and subsequently uploaded to YouTube by a group called 99Rise, who took to the court room last Wednesday during one of the court’s public sessions in order to denounce an earlier decision by the court. It shows that the group was able to sneak a camera into the room not once, but twice over the past several months.


The footage itself is rather poor, but this is a first and as such is making headlines left and right. Supreme Court spectators, even members of the media, are not allowed to bring electronics in, and are screened via metal detectors on the way inside to make sure they comply. Thus far, nobody has been able to explain how the group captured the footage they did.

“The court became aware today of the video posted on YouTube,” Kathy Arberg, a Supreme Court spokeswoman, said in a statement. “Court officials are in the process of reviewing the video and our courtroom screening procedures.”

To get your own glimpse inside the Supreme Court (and a dose of financial protest, too) check out the video at the top. Now that the court has been made aware of the breach, we doubt you’ll see many more videos like it in the near future.

(via CNN)